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A Gaze Blank and Pitiless as the Sun
Single channel video
TRT 2min 3sec loop

Watching the methodical cycle of the seasons pass over landscapes recalls the banality of an office screen saver. The lush overgrowth of summer recedes to expose the crumbling remains the 1907 French Colonial Exposition in Paris, which hosted living ethnographic exhibitions, often called "human zoos." Photographing these structures when they are camouflaged during summer and revealed during winter examines the visibility of this legacy, its potential obsolescence and the cyclical nature of these political ideologies.  Following World War I, several plaques were added throughout the site, commemorating colonized soldiers who died during the war, repurposing the ruins of the exposition as a war memorial. This gesture anticipates the turn from colonialism to neocolonialism. The camera focuses on a plaque that reads “AUX CAMBODGIENS ET LAOTIENS MORTS POUR LA FRANCE” and a psychedelic transformation begins, eventually threatening the viewer.